Get the clarity, confidence, and conviction you need to…



Sunday nights are the worst. Your weekend fun has come to an end, but your anxiety has just started up. You delay going to bed. And when you finally do, you just can’t settle yourself into a good night’s sleep.

You dread the inevitable Monday morning.

And for good reason. You’re tired of sitting in pointless meeting after pointless meeting, covered in PowerPoint puke, wondering when it will end.

You’re over it.

You’d take tomorrow off if you could.

But PTO? Pffft. Yeah.

Balance = Zero

In attempt to save your sanity, you take one-too-many breaks. You get some coffee, take an extended lunch, surf the web to plan your next getaway, and make meaningless small-talk with your co-workers (who you sorta like) just to keep your woes (and menial tasks) at bay.

You’re smart. Resourceful. And certainly more capable than the responsibilities you’ve been given. And yet, you’re overworked, undervalued and still bored outta your mind.

Somewhere inside, you have an inkling that there’s more to life than doing meaningless work. There’s that desire for something more inspiring than the conventional nine to five life.

And you know it’s time to break free.

In fact, you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to launch your own business. You want to be all-in. But, stepping out on that ledge is scary as hell. And knowing what to do, when to do it and how to get it done has left you stuck in the status quo.

This would be so much easier if you had direct, hands-on training and guidance from a mentor who’s been where you are, who’s created a profitable business and who’s helped others do the same. Someone that can save you a considerable amount of time than going it alone.

That way, you could launch your business with ease and grace and pack your cubicle up for good.

You could even have fun along the way.


I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been tired of the the BS meetings, the cut-throat culture, and the values written on the wall that people only pay attention to when it’s convenient for them.

And I know what’s like to be around managers that care more about placating egos at the top than focusing on your needs, happiness, and growth.

So, after fifteen years of struggling to fit myself in, I raised my middle finger and said, “I’m out.”

And then, there was the big sigh of relief. The weight was lifted. And I was ready to get down and dirty to bring my dream to life.

In the beginning, I was terrified. And I made some rookie mistakes along the way.

Since then, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to develop a profitable business idea and take the focused action necessary to bring it to life.

Today, I run a successful mentoring and training company while only working 30 hours a week. I’ve got a laser-focused plan, a stellar team, a kick-ass profit margin, and the expertise and knowledge to roll out products and services that sell, consistently publish awesome content, and run a strong marketing engine behind a cohesive and compelling brand.

And, I still have time to hike and climb the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, travel around the globe, and Netflix and chill. #noshame

I can help make that happen for you too.


Together, we’ll combine my expertise and clarity with your desire for more and develop
a profitable business that fits who you really are. We’ll develop it into a bold vision for the future and then
break it down into a laser-focused plan so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

We’ll lay a solid foundation for your business so you know who you serve, how you serve them,
and how to package, price, and deliver it to them.

Then, we’ll wrap it all up in a cohesive and consistent brand and marketing strategy that
ensures you easily attract the right clients and customers. We’ll also put systems and processes in place
to manage it all effortlessly.

And along the way, you’ll develop a new mindset: from corporate pro to CEO,
so you feel confident and ready to take the leap.

If you’re ready to finally do something about that desire you have for something more inspiring in your work and life, I invite you to join me in the Love Your Monday Mornings Accelerator Program.

During this six-month adventure, you will systematically create
the business of your dreams with me by your side as your guide.

Every dream is different and every corporate rebel has a unique combination of
skills and abilities they bring to the table. We’ll start wherever you are and roll up our sleeves together so you can launch your business, quit your day job, and finally love your Monday mornings.


Honor that desire for change and…

Choose the Right Business to Launch

Before you can take the leap, you need to emphatically decide on a business to launch. And that business must fit your soul like a glove. That way, it energizes and sustains you as you both grow.


  • Clarify your core personal values.
  • Identify your innate strengths and developed skills.
  • Discover your sources of inspiration and the roles you love to be in.
  • Determine the impact you want to have and the lifestyle you want to live.
  • Establish what it’ll take financially to get you there.
From there, you’ll lay it all out on the table and:
  • Identify business models, structures and sizes that are aligned to who you are and the lifestyle (and income) you desire.
  • Prioritize and test those options to make sure success is baked in.
  • Commit to a business idea to pursue that feels really good.

Take that brand new business idea and…

Create A Long-Term Vision For Its Future

Projecting your business 10 to 20 years out into the future creates a strong vision and a touchstone to keep you motivated, clear, and on track along your journey.

Your vision, mission and values drive clarity and certainty. They’re the foundation for the goals you set and guide every action you take.

And without them, you’ll be throwing things against the wall hoping they stick. That’s no way to run a business. Yet, time and time again, aspiring entrepreneurs launch a business without a solid guide for its future. As a result, they find it hard to fully commit, often fail, and end up back in a corporate job.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to be all-in. And the best way to develop your confidence for the future is to know where you’re leading it and how you’re going to get there.

I’ll help you do that. So, when to comes time to plan, you know exactly what steps to take, and how and why they’re critical to your big vision.

We’ll walk, hand-in-hand, through a structured process to help you:


  • Develop a guiding vision that matches the business you want to build, the lifestyle you want to have, and the impact you want to make.
  • Build a mission that articulates how you’ll achieve that vision.
  • Identify the values you’ll embody along the way there.

Get rid of confusion when we…

Break Your Vision Down
Into Actionable Steps

The most effective way to launch your business is to develop a plan that is detailed enough to eliminate any mystery around what to do (and when to do it).

Goals produce results. That means money in the bank. And, knowing the exact actions needed to achieve your goals allows you to reach them with less confusion and more grace.

This is about efficiency and effectiveness. If you want to go fast, you gotta go slow.


So, we’ll play a little game I’ve designed to help you break your bold vision down into actionable steps so you can execute effortlessly.


 You’ll learn how to:

  • Set a reasonable launch date and identify the key tasks you need to accomplish to hit it.
  • Determine the key milestones your business needs to reach in order to successfully achieve your vision.
  • Build your business in phases. That way, you avoid overwhelm by focusing your actions on the here and now and not the distant future.
  • Construct a plan for each phase that leaves room for change and innovation.
  • Schedule automatic triggers to inspire action and keep the momentum going as you execute your plan.

Attract the right customers when you…

clarify your message

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cupcakes or consulting, you need to be crystal clear about your ideal customers so you can sell products and services they want when they want them.

In fact, I’ll go on record to say, knowing your ideal customer is the most important factor in your business. From developing products and services to creating the branding and marketing to attract them, your ideal customer drives everything you do.

So you need to get your head on straight about who they are, how they think and buy, and what they really want to ensure every revenue-generating strategy or action you take works to build your business.

To help you, we’ll walk through a process together to:

  • Learn everything about your ideal customer, from their demographics, interests, and favorite activities, to their attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and sources of pain.
  • Discover why they buy what they buy, when they buy it, and who influences their purchasing decisions so that you can deliver what they need, when they need it, and handle any objections that come up in that decision-making process.
  • Determine the most effective products and services that meets your customers where they are and solves their problems.
  • Package and price those products and services so they serve both your business and your customer.
  • Wrap it up in a compelling brand with messaging and marketing that attracts them effortlessly.


Lay a solid foundation so you can…

Launch Your Business And Take The Leap

If you want long term success without all the headaches you must build a strong foundation from the beginning. That means processes, procedures, and systems that all work towards one goal: serving your customers effectively and efficiently. No need to burn the midnight oil.

So many new entrepreneurs aren’t process oriented, so they struggle to streamline their business. This leads them to reacting to situations in their business on the fly. The result of that often leads to a breakdown.

And, when one piece starts breaking down, the rest follow suit.

It’s important to your business (and your sanity) that you have solid processes and systems in place to help manage the day-to-day of your business.

I’ll help you to…

  • Get your business structure, licensing, and annual requirements out of the way.
  • Determine which processes and procedures you’ll need to put in place and why.
  • Select systems that work for your business (and your budget) so you’re automating the right processes and avoiding fancy bells and whistles you don’t actually need.
  • Develop an emergency response plan for handling the unknowns so you’re not caught off-guard.
  • Create a marketing plan that attracts the right customers (duh.).

This phase will ensure that you’re certain and ready to take the leap and pack up your cubicle for good.

Sack your boss and…

Grow On Your Own

As an entrepreneur, you’ll wear a lot of hats. You’ll be the receptionist, money manager, marketing director, salesperson, janitor, and leader. Now that you’ve quit your day job and launched your own thing, it’s time to develop your skills as the CEO.

What you might crave most is real-life mentorship that sets you up for enduring success by making sure you:

  • Get into the flow of the day-to-day management of your business so everything runs like a tight ship.
  • Know and track your key performance indicators so your overhead, profit-margins personal income, and business-growth investments make sense in the short and long term.
  • Determine when it makes sense to expand your current offerings or launch new ones.
  • Know when and how to hire the right team so your business can grow and you can feel supported.
  • Have an actionable plan in place that propels your business forward and keeps your eye on the prize.
  • Take care of your mindset and always expect the best for your customers.


Enrollment in the Love Your Monday Mornings Accelerator Program is happening now. But, there are limited spots available. You’ll be part of an exclusive group of corporate rebels working side-by-side with me to launch their business so they can quit their day job.

Our group of 4 will meet online through Zoom every other week where you’ll receive 30 minutes of laser-focused coaching directly with me. Your groupmates will support you and learn, as they watch us launch your business and quit your day job.

Each month, you’ll also have one 15-minute laser-focused coaching call with me, scheduled when you need it most, to keep you from getting stuck.

The Love Your Monday Mornings Accelerator Program requires a commitment from you. Between sessions, expect to spend a minimum of 10 hours each week working on planning and executing to launch your business.

I will hold your hand through this process but I’ll also hold your feet to the fire to ensure you choose the right business, develop your plan, lay a solid foundation, implement streamlined processes and their supporting systems, create products and services that sell, and wrap them up in a compelling message that targets your ideal customer.

You will not find this extraordinary level of personal attention and extensive expertise from any other business launching mentorship program out there. It’s my promise to give you everything I’ve got from tools and resources to invaluable lessons from my wins and losses. All I ask is that you bring that same level of commitment to the program. Together, we’ll bring your business to life so you can ditch the cubicle, fire your boss, give corporate the finger, and wake up on Mondays inspired to do what you love.

As a reminder, here’s what you’ll experience inside

the Love Your Monday Mornings Accelerator Program:


  • 12 small-group coaching and mentoring sessions over the course of six incredible months together bringing your business to life.
  • Each month, you’ll also have one, 15-minute laser-focused call with me to make sure you’re constantly inspired and never get stuck.
  • Simple email support from me between sessions to answer those quick questions that come up.
  • A fresh, new perspective for what work and life can be and a plan that paves the way to freedom from your corporate job.

Your investment in this complete, life-changing, business launching program is only $3000, which you can pay-in-full or break into monthly payments
to make it more accessible for you.

how to apply:

Step 1:

Fill out your Love Your Monday Mornings Accelerator Program Application here.

Step 2:

If accepted into this exclusive program, you’ll meet with me to lay out a plan, confirm your spot,
and begin your tuition payment plan.

Step 3:

Complete your Love Your Monday Mornings Accelerator Program prep work and get ready to roll.